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Welcome to NoGrainer.com! We feature the latest news on high protein low carb diets that work. We’re building the biggest collection of tips for enjoying the Paleo Diet, the Primal Diet, the Bulletproof Diet, the Caveman Diet and every other type of a low carb diet.

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About Louise Myers

Louise Myers discovered the benefits of the no-grain diet years ago with Dr. Mercola's book of the same name. Over the years, the diet name has changed from Protein Metabolic Type to Atkins Diet, Low Carb Diet, and now Caveman or Paleo Diet - but the benefits have remained. She hopes to pique your interest so you'll try it too! Check out her main site LouiseM.com for valuable tips on social media and graphics.

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  1. Hello,

    I was interested in the ingredients of the pizza bases from the Melb show yesterday.
    I thought there was a sticker on the bases which listed the ingredients & just noticed no info on packages. Love your products….


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