Why Do I Overeat? [video]

Why Do I Overeat?Have you wondered, Why do I overeat? Dr. Robert Lustig, professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco, wondered the same thing.

He asked the questions:

  • Why do we eat more than we are supposed to?
  • Why are we eating more?
  • What happened to make us eat more?

As an endicrinologist, Dr. Lustig knows that a naturally-occurring hormone called leptin is supposed to regulate what we eat, and tell our brains when we’ve had enough. But somehow, people have become leptin-resistant. Is it possible overeating isn’t your fault? Perhaps you’ve been misled by being “sold” on eating the wrong foods.

Photo by pzado via sxc.

Why Do I Overeat?

Enjoy this 7-minute video, The Skinny on Obesity, from UC-TV, University of California.

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