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Louise Myers discovered the benefits of the no-grain diet years ago with Dr. Mercola's book of the same name. Over the years, the diet name has changed from Protein Metabolic Type to Atkins Diet, Low Carb Diet, and now Caveman or Paleo Diet - but the benefits have remained. She hopes to pique your interest so you'll try it too! Check out her main site LouiseM.com for valuable tips on social media and graphics.

Paleo Breakfast Recipe, No Eggs: Spicy Kale and Sausage

Paleo Breakfast Recipe, No Eggs: Sauteed Kale with SausageSearching for a paleo breakfast recipe with no eggs?

Here’s one! Spicy Kale and Sausage

All items available at Trader Joe’s.

To serve one:

Melt 1 T coconut oil in an 8″ saute pan.

Cut a few onion slices and add to pan.

Wash and slice about 5 mushrooms. Stir the onions, then add mushrooms to pan.

Top with a few handfuls of pre-washed, pre-cut kale, and put lid on pan.

Slice one Jalepeño Chicken Sausage into 1/4″ disks. Stir around the veggies, then arrange sausage slices on top. Replace lid.

Cut 1/2 small avocado into chunks. Stir what’s in the pan and add avocado on top. Replace lid and heat another minute or two so everything’s warmed through.

Top with green salsa, and enjoy your paleo breakfast!

Paleo Blogger Attacked for Dispensing Dietary Advice

Paleo Blogger Attacked for Dispensing Dietary AdvicePaleo blogger Steve Cooksey received a long, disturbing letter from the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition. Because he blogs on the nutrition principles of the Paleo Diet, he was accused providing nutrition advice or nutrition counseling without a license.

The Board ordered Cooksey to take down the nutritional advice or face prosecution. They even prohibited him from offering free dietary advice to friends over the phone!

Why does this concern me – and you? Continue reading

3 Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat

3 Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You FatIs wheat the staff of life? Once you learn how wheat makes you fat, you’ll see why wheat loss = weight loss!

Gluten-free diets are trendy, but the problem isn’t just gluten. There are three hidden reasons that wheat is a major factor in obesity – as well as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, depression, and other modern ills.

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Is Saturated Fat Healthy? [video]

Is Saturated Fat Healthy?Is saturated fat healthy? For half a century, the common wisdom has been that saturated fat makes you fat and is harmful to heart health. Amazingly, for this same half-century, Americans have gotten fatter and fatter, while suffering skyrocketing rates of chronic disease! Could the theory that saturated fat is bad for you, and a low fat diet good, be wrong? Dr. Mercola explains where the saturated fat “research” went wrong. Continue reading

New Grain Free Bread is Gluten Free, Starch Free, Nut Free

New Grain Free Bread is Gluten Free, Starch Free, Nut FreeA new grain free bread just hit the market: Paleo Bread. Could this be a dream come true for those on a no-grain diet, gluten-free diet, or a low carb diet like the paleo or primal diet?

Well, I’m rather the skeptical type, and for those of you who believe in eating what your ancestors ate – let’s face it, they weren’t baking coconut flour bread. BUT – I also don’t believe in absolutes.This seems like a safe way to indulge a bread craving without all the carbs! Continue reading