For a Heart Healthy Diet, Cut Fructose & Grains, Not Fat!

Heart Healthy DietBest way to a healthy heart? Follow a heart healthy diet!

But what is a heart healthy diet? That’s where the confusion sets in! For years we’ve been told that low fat, low salt is the way to go – to the detriment of our health!

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Is Low Carb the Anti Depression Diet?

Is Low Carb the Anti Depression Diet?Could Low Carb be the anti depression diet? While I have not suffered severe depression, my personal experience has been an improvement in mood as I’ve eased into a higher protein and fat, lower carb diet. Depression is a complex condition – diet is proving to be one factor.

A strong link between depression and insulin resistance has been established. Although research is still in its infancy, it’s known that many depressed individuals are carb-addicted. Carbs do raise the level of serotonin, one of the mood-related neurotransitters, but when this quick fix wears off, you’ve merely exacerbated the problem. Continue reading

Is Wheat Bad for You?

Is Wheat Bad for You?Have you wondered, is wheat bad for you?

Heard a lot about a gluten-free diet and considered trying it out?

As it turns out, there is a lot bad about wheat, and it’s not just gluten. There are 5 ways wheat lectin is harmful – and surprisingly, lectin is highest in whole wheat, and also high in other grains.

Check out what Dr. Mercola has to say about why to avoid lectin, and you might consider the no-grain diet.

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